I met Soo a few years ago, when I attended her 8 week course 'Mindfulness for Health' course.    Soo has helped me such a lot with managing my health and understanding how mindfulness works.  

Soo is a warm and compassionate teacher, who guides without judgement and walks her talk.  I can recommend her wholeheartedly for anyone wanting to learn the practice of mindfulness.

M Allison

Soo's warm and friendly nature made the course brilliant.  Stressful situations that had me running for my life, have begun to have less impact, like an inner voice telling me it's ok, and I realise I have a choice.


In the short time I have known Soo, I have seen so many positive qualities.  She manages to inject so much charisma, kindness and fun into the sessions.  She goes above and beyond to help people.  Soo delivers effective sessions which works so well for the participants.  Soo is  a kind, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced mindfulness teacher.

Jayde (masters student observing whole Mindfulness for Stress Course)