My Mindfulness Journey

Soo Strong

I had dabbled in different types of meditation in my youth, but never really made it a part of my everyday life. When my daughter was small, work offered an 8 week Mindfulness for Stress course to their staff, so I took this offer up. After a couple of weeks I found myself crying during one meditation, with pure relief of how uncomplicated it was and how normal I felt. I had always harshly judged myself and felt ‘less than’ others, but mindfulness helped me connect with the bigger picture of life, that underneath our differences, we all have pretty similar needs and things that can cause us suffering. It has been my anchor of life since and has taught me to not stay stuck in suffering.. I had other things that supported me, like swimming and walking and yoga and friendships and nature, but the ever availability of a mindful moment to help anchor me has got me through many a truly challenging period of my life.

My full time work has always been in caring professions, teaching, family support, careers adviser, but the only place I felt truly alive is when I offer Mindfulness skills to others and watch transformation arise within their lives.

Due to bereavement, redundancy and house moves I hit a really hard phase of my life, feeling anxious and very low, and without mindfulness skills, life would have been much darker. This period has made me an even more compassionate and understanding mindfulness teacher and know that you would benefit enormously from attending a group or 1:1 coaching sessions with me.

I have done extensive therapeutic recovery on my own issues and have a daily mindfulness practice that supports my wellbeing and deeper mental health resilience. This means my mindfulness work is not rooted in my own needs, but on the needs of those I support, which is a real joy.

In order to teach, I believe it is important to have done our own psychological work, so that we are at ease with whatever arises for people. I have worked on my own issues of  trauma, chronic stress, burnout, physical health issues and self-rejection. It is from these places of healing that I have a deep passion to empower others on their journey and now feel connected to a deeper sense of life purpose and happiness.

After my extensive mindfulness practice began in 2005 and led to me qualifying with Breathworks as a mindfulness teacher in 2014. I have a deep interest in the power of compassion and self-compassion as the key ingredient of mindful healing, so we touch and assist healing of what lies beneath our behaviours. Mindfulness is not therapy, but is very therapeutic in recovery and empowering to have such choice in each moment of how to help yourself.

The Breathworks approach is very heart centred and nurtures embodiment.

which is why I chose to train with them. The founder has a wonderful video in this link of her own inspirational journey and why she set up Breathworks in 2000.

It is an honour to teach Breathworks courses and I intend to train to teach the Mindful Self Compassion course in 2020 as it has also had such a profound impact on my life.  

I look forward to supporting you on your mindfulness journey too !!